Lorena Ulpiani born in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP) August 9, 1959; grew up in Cupramarittima (Ap), in the 80s he moved to Padua, where he still resides. Daughter of a painter, he studied letters with artistic direction, graduating from the University of Verona. Professional journalist, worked as a reporter for 20 years, dealing with politics, economics and news, in local and national newspapers but never abandons the art. He travels a lot. Passionate about steam locomotives, historical texts and runs public lines outside the tourist circuit, thus entering into contact with even the most isolated creativity, more authentic, of those places: from Eastern Europe, to Greece inland, Portugal.osis platform.
His interest in human rights, in the 90s, led her to work for a period as a journalist for Cree, native of Northern Quebec: a few feathers, beads or ethnic tourism and a lot of finance, environment and new technologies.
Always fascinated by the geometric language, in their villages and their lands he studies the aspects related to color. As well as he studies them in such sacred art, from Europe to China, Tibet, looking for that light which is peace, meditation, immersion in a different dimension. Energy released in geometric games that in his works, is felt even by those who, normally, is away from the non-figurative art world. Conquered by quantum physics, he has initiated a study of the interaction of energy starting in color.
The turning point, from a painting as a dialogue with itself, to market, arrives in 2011 with the first one, in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Bl): “Shanti”, 35 works, oil on canvas, exposed for a month in the historic Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel, in the Fireplace room, the same that in 1962 hosted the filming of the famous movie “the Pink Panther” (the Pink Panther) with Peter Sellers in the role of the legendary inspector.

In 2012, the entrance into the Metaformismo platform, Giulia Sillato and the Catalogue of Modern Art – Mondadori with the first quotations: it’s time to important friendships with internationally renowned Masters that help to hold, now, the distances dall’inconsistenza rent-walls of curators and critics in “bid” in three years he exhibited, with personal or collective, from London to New York, from Vienna to Paris, from Monte Carlo to Rome to Barcelona. His works are in private and public collections, in Italy and abroad.

And in 2014, the most difficult decision: the suspension of journalism to devote himself to art.

2015 is the year of production and personal, starting with those in his home region, the Marches; to close at Padua, his hometown, with two months of exposure enriched by art afternoons, with figures of the internationally renowned culture. And ‘the year of the geometries that also indulges itself with the canvas, making them assume the most diverse forms: thus the triangular works, the “column” rectangles or the trapeze. Geometries, with the study of the fresco and mosaic, widen the wall and the architectural elements. In December, the first graduated as a fresco painter, a pupil of the master Vico Calabrò, and start painting the wall according to the ancient technique.
Always in 2015 he creates 99Quanti, the research group of art and quantum mechanics, founded by marrying the thought of the sociologist Gian Paolo Prandstraller, the need for a renewal of form and display, in the light of scientific findings introduced by thermodynamics, from quantum physics and cosmology. Passage that the artist considers it necessary to go beyond the current stagnation of contemporary art, twisted on the current discussions, linked to the metaphor of rhetoric, to a concept of “eternal” destined to fall to make way to a changing universe animated by structures minimal art and relativistic. It also comes an online magazine.

2016 opens with the first public commission large: “A Door to the Duke.” The artist paints a door that enters the permanent contemporary art gallery created by Amedeo di Savoia High School in Padua. The work includes a part of the work in fresco on the wall.
In May, presented the Group with a first exhibition “Quantum Art and new forms”, the gallery Teca, of Padua. It will not attend the inauguration because of a heart attack: see the show on the eve of the closure. Postpones or cancels some exposures but does not stop the activity if not for a few days. In early June opened a personal exhibition which takes a great deal, “The light breath,” Palazzo dei Capitani – Ascoli Piceno, his province of origin: it introduces the critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso art, with which the artist began an annual collaboration, entering on permanent display at the Mediolanum Art Gallery in Padova. Complete and opens the door for the project Duda – Art at Duke School Duca d’Aosta: the classroom 30 becomes “Aula Ulpiani”. In October, two of his works come from the collection of “The Archive” – Exibart – Sartori Gallery of Mantua.

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